Leader/Manager Development Programs

Leadership Development Program

We have developed Leader/Manager skills-based programs emerging and existing leaders become extraordinary leaders and managers and be ready to confidently accept increased responsibility.

We have developed several different cost-effective, practical programs that teach basic leadership and management skills that can be immediately apply back on the job based upon the needs of your business. Call to learn more.

The challenges facing business leaders is more daunting. Leaders will have to do more with fewer resources; recruit, motivate and retain their employees with tighter budgets.

They will need to improve productivity to contain costs and remain competitive. Strong leadership and management skills will be needed to meet these challenges.

Many leaders have received no formal training in competencies such as: setting performance expectations, coaching and counseling employees, taking prompt and effective disciplinary action, and recognizing and rewarding good performance to name but a few essential skills we focus in in this program.

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Mark Ernst is the founder of Ernst Enterprises, LLC. We are business advisors whose mission is to help business owners achieve their goals through executive coaching, leadership training, strategic planning and good management of their most important asset —- people.