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We have Executive Coaching programs that have been designed to deliver practical leadership skill that can be immediately applied back on the job. Our approach is to begin each assignment with an interview with the prospective coachee and his/her manager followed by an LPI 360® and/or and Everything DiSC Work of Leaders. A Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® assessment is available to help build a more cohesive team.

The next step is for the Coachee working with his/her coach to create an Individual Development Plan that sets out the one or two most important goals for the program with specificity and milestones. Success must be measurable. The Individual Development Plan is incorporated into the Coachee’s business goals.

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Mark worked with our executive and leadership groups to develop and enhance their leadership and management skills. He was highly effective in helping increase our employee engagement to record highs. Mark was a great resource and sounding board for me professionally and personally. Very thankful for his insight and guidance.

Richard Sullivan

President and Chief Executive Officer, ASICS North America

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Mark Ernst, an exemplary executive coach with whom I had the distinct pleasure of working for six months. Mark’s profound understanding of leadership dynamics and his innovative coaching techniques have left a lasting impact on my approach to management and leadership.

From our first session, Mark distinguished himself with his deep insights into the complex challenges that leaders face in today’s fast-paced environment. He has a unique ability to cut through the noise and focus on the core issues, enabling a deeper understanding of one’s leadership style and its effects on an organization. Mark’s approach is not one-size-fits-all; he tailors his coaching to the individual, ensuring that the guidance and strategies are relevant and impactful.

One of Mark’s most commendable qualities is his commitment to challenging his coachees to think critically about their leadership struggles. He creates a safe, yet challenging environment that encourages self-reflection and personal growth. Under his guidance, I was encouraged to explore new perspectives and rethink my approach to leadership, which has been transformative for my management style.

Moreover, Mark’s support extends beyond mere professional advice. He invests personally in the success of those he coaches, demonstrating a genuine interest in their growth and well-being. This level of dedication is rare and speaks volumes about his character and commitment to his profession.

The skills and insights I gained from Mark’s coaching have been invaluable, enabling me to lead with greater empathy, clarity, and effectiveness. Although I have a lot more to learn, his influence has not only improved my performance but has also positively impacted my organization.

In conclusion, Mark Ernst is an outstanding executive coach who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and genuine passion to his work. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any individual or organization seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities and achieve greater professional success.

Jim M.

Director of Operations, Cirtec Medical

Mark, has worked extensively with both the Rock Hill, SC and Sturtevant, WI Management teams at QMD/Cirtec Medical. He has been an outstanding partner in coaching and mentoring two new General Managers as they assembled their management teams. Throughout this process, Mark brought clarity, professionalism and insight into the transition period and helped in the initial development of a team-oriented philosophy. His dedication, intuition and expertise have been an invaluable asset to me personally and to my teams.

Larry Cozine

Senior General Manager, Cirtec Medical

“Mark is a dynamic coach who utilizes expert skills to guide and mentor others. Mark is a highly effective leader who builds positive relationships across organizations by providing practical advice in a clear and timely manner.” 

Tim Sandberg

Vice President, CGC

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